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Why should my space join One Coworking?
Why should my space join One Coworking?

Learn how your space will benefit from joining One Coworking.

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  1. Upgrading your Memberships for free: First of all, we think global roaming is a great additional feature to offer to your members and every new One Coworking member gets one day of roaming worldwide for free! In our experience, the roaming feature is a big bonus during the sales conversation with your members. Work these days is global and super flexible and so are our customers. It is a bonus point and makes future customers sign up faster.

  2. More Leads: The app will generate a higher customer flow to your coworking space. More people coming to work at your space means more potential customers. One of our main long-term objectives is to bring many more people to coworking.  

  3. Less Work: One Coworking reduces the overhead cost for short term coworkers and handles onboarding, payment processing and identity checks.

Our partnerships are based on coworker exchange within the network. We charge neither spaces nor coworkers for that. Therefore, the spaces in our network do not receive profit. The only exception is coworking spaces located in Germany - the country where we offer paid memberships. Reach out to us for more info!

Want to read about how to use the One Coworking App as a Coworker, have a look over here.

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