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How to use the manager's dashboard?
How to use the manager's dashboard?

Learn more about our dashboard for spaces, including how to change the number of available seats or make the space profile inactive.

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A recently launched dashboard feature allows coworking space managers to have control over their coworking space profile which is displayed on our app. This guide will walk you through all the different features which are accessible from the dashboard. Please note that in order to use the dashboad, a coworking space manager must have an account on our app. The dashboard can then be accessed using your account log in details:

After logging in, you will see the overview of your account: purchased plans, connected Cobot or Office R&D memberships, and activated vouchers:

If you scroll down, you will see another section called Spaces You Manage:

Click on the space that you would like to open and scroll up to the very top:

Here you can control information dispayed on your space profile on the app. The first feature allows you to adjust seat availability. By clicking plus or minus, you will change the number of seats which you offer to One Coworking users and the change will be displayed on the app straight away. Choose the right number of chairs and don't forget to click 'Update capacity'.

Scrolling down, you'll see an option to remove your space from the listing on the app. In the screenshot below, the space is set to be not visible. The changes you made here will come into effect straight away. 

Under Roaming Guests section, you can see all the users who are currently checked-in to your space.

Checkin history tab offers you an overview of all of the previous check-ins at your space:

Under the Consortiums tab we display which networks you are a part of. A consortium defines which coworking spaces your coworkers can go to - coworkers from your space can roam to all of the other spaces in your consortium, and you are expected to host coworkers from the other spaces on this list.

Finally, under Vouchers tab you can find voucher codes which are available for your coworkers to use. These vouchers will let them roam between spaces in your consortium using our app:

Vouchers are individual and therefore one voucher must be used by one person only. In order to be able to check-in, a voucher must be activated first. Here are guides on how to do that when using Android or iOS.

On the top right corner you can manage your profile which is public to all One Coworking users:

Hit the Manage button to get back to managing your space details. 

If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on Intercom or by email

Good luck!

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