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How to use the One Coworking Roaming Network?
How to use the One Coworking Roaming Network?

Learn how you can work from different coworking spaces in the world for free!

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If your space is listed on One Coworking and you're a member at this space, you qualify for our free roaming offer.

Depending on how your space manages its members you either have to connect our app to member management software of your space or request a voucher from your local space manager.

Connecting to Management System

If your Coworking Space uses Cobot or Office R&D and you have your login credentials, after signing up on the app you should link your existing coworking membership. Find out how to do it in this guide for iOS users. Android users should click on a ‘Burger’ menu and select Link Membership. It’s enough to successfully link the membership once - you won’t need to go through the hassle in the future.

Using Vouchers

If your home coworking space does not use any of the mentioned management systems, you should pick up a Voucher Code from your community manager before going on a journey. Sign up on the app and activate your voucher. Check out the guides on how to activate a voucher code on iOS or Android.

Once you have your membership linked/code activated, choose a space on the app, arrive at the space and click the check-in button once you're at the location. A ticket will appear on the screen. Show the ticket to the host, grab a seat and start coworking!

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