How to use One Coworking app?

A brief guide for users on how One Coworking app works - how to check in to a coworking space and start coworking.

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On the app, you can see an extensive list of awesome spaces. Don't have the app yet? Download it for iOS or Android and start exploring!

In order to start coworking, you need to get check-in credits! Learn how to get check-ins as an individual user over here.

Would you like to use One Coworking with your coworkers? Not a problem - we have options for Teams, contact us though this contact form.

Once you have check-ins on your account, use the One Coworking app to check in to spaces hassle-free:

  • Choose a space you wish to work from today. If you are using one of our paid plans for individuals or teams, you can pick any space that is available on our app. On our app, you can see how many seats are remaining at each space real-time. If the space you chose has available seats, you're all set to head to the space! You don't need to reserve a seat in advance or call up the space to let them know you're coming.

  • You can click "Check in" on the app and a ticket should appear on your screen. Head to the space and show it to the staff when you arrive. This option will asure that you have an available seat when you get to the sapce. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code once your are in the space and show the staff you have checked in.

In case the ticket does not show up after your attempt to check in, please send us an email to so we can help you asap!

  • Once you've checked-in, we'll shoot an email to the space manager to let them know about you. Talk to the front desk staff to get a quick intro or simply take a seat at any flex-desk in the open coworking area and start your workday!

  • Connect to WIFI and check out the amenities. After checking in to the coworking space, you will be able to see WIFI login details and information on coffee and printing in the space profile on the app. A member of staff on-site will also be able to help you.

More Infos on how to use One Coworking App over here

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