We created One Coworking for three reasons: 

  • While operating our own coworking space betahaus we discovered that there are many awesome coworking spaces around the world which we want to work with and send our members to. Our initial idea for the app was to make an easier way to roam from one place to another and to exchange members. Something like the Coworking Visa just working much easier and as an app. 
  • As digital nomads we want to feel home and work from anywhere in the world. With One Coworking we wanted to create a tool that makes it easier to discover the best coworking spaces, check in and connect to local events and the community.
  • We know how hard the coworking business can be and, due to major coworking chains entering the market, we believe it will not get easier. Therefore we want to strengthen the independent coworking spaces and give them the same power that the global chains have. We believe in a world of boutique coworking spaces that are amazing to discover when you travel around. We want to bring leads to them, globally empower them and make them strong.
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